Benefits Of WaterMelon For Curing Premature Ejaculation

Experts believe that women’s orgasms are dependent upon a plethora of factors, unlike men- the absence of which can reduce the likelihood of experiencing them to a significant level.

Now these factors are a mix of physical and psychological elements that involve the input of both the parties but factors that majorly play the role are harder erections which are ‘sufficient’ enough to persist for a longer period of time.

Essentially, men get stimulated too quick, often without their partner’s contribution in the game, but there is a major difference between getting an erection and keeping an erection.

You can get an erection anytime you feel, but despite trying too harder, you may fail to keep up for long. However, its not always the mind that fails to correspond, at times, your body lacks the ability to help your weapon run longer too- in simple words, this could be Erectile Dysfunction or say, a mild form of impotence too.


You are not at some kind of risk if you have ED, neither you are for your girl. But you can understand this better that leaving her feeling ‘unfulfilled’ under the sheets can turn a major threat to your mental peace!


Erectile Dysfunction can be of two types, both of which occur when the blood distribution to the reproductive organs is reduced.

  • If it happens occasionally (mild), we blame stress and other psychological issues.
  • If it is consistent (moderate), your lifestyle has to be blamed. People addicted to smoking, drugs and alcohol are the major sufferers in bed. But that’s not the only ground to develop ED as the condition is also led by some different kinds of health problems, medicines, obesity and understandably, aging.

So, Erectile Dysfunction could be your reason to ejaculate prematurely or say, give a substandard performance in those warm and cozy moments.


Before I begin with the solution, I would like you to consider your treatment priority that is, whether you aim to get treated through medical methods, or would like to choose the natural course that is simply safe and pocket friendly.

If you chose the latter route, then let me assure that you have picked the smart track. Inarguably, there is no alternate for natural remedies, provided that you believe in them and patiently allow them to conduct their due course with time.
So premature ejaculations- or let’s put it this way, Erectile Dysfunction can be treated through something as basic as a Watermelon!

Yes, that’s true, and this is not just a claim, in fact, many experts call it an absolute stand-in for Viagra!


The science behind the connection between watermelon juice and premature ejaculation is simple.

The fruit tends to be a prolific source of citrullin that augments the concentration of L-arginine through conversion. L-arginine, the amino acid is a critical compound that solely and effectively deals with most of the sexual problems, eating you inside!

Basically, amino acid boasts the ability to broaden blood vessels, which favor sexual performance in some definite ways like:

  • Expanded vessels can deliver high amount of blood to the reproductive organs.
  • The blood vessels in the member become capable of carrying normal levels of blood during the time of erection.

Both of these conditions allow men to have solid erections which can be easily controlled from premature ejaculation.


We generally believe on doctors for they are the ‘masters’ of health. Anything endorsed by them is considered to be unambiguous for they have the level of expertise and knowledge to decide what can help us and what cannot!

Even the doctors believe that the consumption of watermelon benefits us, specifically men in some very incredible ways.

According to them, the consumption of watermelon favors the growth and performance of hormones that contributes to sexual health. So, if something is working in favor of sexual health, it is very likely that the performance will improve too.

While there is no advance research testifying the role of watermelon for early ejaculations, basic investigations and studies do prove its positive effects for sex-related and performance related problems.


Get things addressed before they end up causing distance between you two. Premature ejaculating can be disturbing for both of you, particularly when women take no less than 20 minutes to reach their orgasms on an average.

And believe it or not, nothing works for her, other than quality erections- not even size!

So why wait and let your relationship suffer when an apparently ordinary fruit like watermelon can do the job for you. Imagine, fewer bugs, no dangerous procedures and there you go with a healthy sex life!